Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Underdog Joins the Family

I have an English Pointer. 

His name is Underdog, and he is my once-in-a-lifetime-dog.

This is the story of how Underdog and I rescued each other.

My pointer joined the family while I was still married.  We already had one dog, The Wookie.

There was some controversy about whether or not we needed another dog.  I thought we needed another dog, my ex-husband thought we did not need another dog. 

That was the controversy.

One night, ex-husband (still husband at the time) calls from the bar:

Ex-husband:  I'm talking to Marcus, he has a dog he doesn't want.  He'll give him to us for free.

Me:  Great!  We'll take him!

Ex-husband:  Well, actually, maybe we don't want another dog....

Me:  Too late!

In order to appease Ex-husband, and to get my way, I set up three tests the dog must pass in order to become our new dog. 

Test #1  Dog must be nice friendly dog that we like:

We go meet the dog.  The dog has been labeled a Bad Dog because he runs away.  He has been re-homed once before.  We have a nice house and a fence, so this should not be a problem.  Other than being a Bad Dog that runs away, he is a very Friendly Dog, happy to meet us!  He knows how to sit, speak, shake, and high five!  He is trying very hard!  Bad Dog passes Test #1.

Test #2  Dog must get along with The Wookie:

We take The Wookie with us to meet Bad Dog.  The Wookie gets out of the car and they sniff noses.  Instantly they are best friends and they begin to frolic in the yard joyfully.  Bad Dog passes Test #2.  Grudgingly, Ex-husband loads Bad Dog into the car and we take him home.

Test #3  Dog must get along with The Cat:

Bad Dog explores the house.  Sees cat.  Thought balloon appears about his head:  Cat... 
The Cat sees Bad Dog.  Thought balloon appears above cat's head:  Dog...
They resume their lives without further hesitation.  

Now Bad Dog is part of the family.  He is officially labeled My Dog since Ex-husband maintains that he never wanted another dog. 

He has poor self-esteem, so I name him Underdog to boost his confidence. 

It takes awhile, but after about a year, I look into his eyes, and I see that Underdog knows that no human has ever understood him as well as I do.

And not too long after that, Underdog looks into my eyes, and I know that no human has ever understood me as well as he does.

I Love You Underdog 

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  1. You forgot to add:
    He was a over energetic dog. When (you) got divorced and moved out to the country he went form ball of energy to calm and understanding.