Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well,  hello there Blogger - I have been gone so long I bet you forgot about me!

What to blog about today?  The weather no doubt.  Winter is dragging on and on - after a good rain yesterday which went a long way towards getting rid of all this late snow, we wake up this morning with more snow.... and more on the way for the next few days.  Yippee...

I really am anxious to get started with spring.  Once classes are over at the university, I should have a fairly light schedule all summer.  I am hoping to get at least a few thing accomplished!

Life, in general, has been grand.  I am working at the University and I have a wonderful new partner who is ... well, wonderful.  What can I say?

My teenagers are growing up, and things have been good.  I miss my 17 year old because she pretty much has her own life going on, sleeps here, sometimes eats here.  Does her laundry here.  But sometimes she decides to hang out here with her mom, and we appreciate this time together.  One more year and she will be gone altogether - I can't imagine this.  I am sure I will get pretty sad and weepy.  Even though that is not logical.  
My younger daughter just turned 15 and that seems WAY too grown up for my baby!  They are both beautiful, smart, assertive young women, and I am so proud of them.  And sometimes they revert to little girl-ness when they need their mom, and I don't mind this either :)

Underdog is still his dignified self.  Millicent the Magnificent is still silly and full of energy and makes me laugh every day.  But then she settles down and she is a super snuggler (to replace my little girls who have grown up)

The cats?  Pretty much the same, Oberon the Bad always looking for something to get into.  Titania the Small and Meek, learning to be a little braver all the time.  

I am too busy as always - there are always too many things I want to or need to do than I have the time and energy for.  Like laundry...  dishes... taxes....

But I am blogging instead.  

Tonight is girls night in - movie and KFC (their favorite) and some quality time with my girls I hope.  Wish me luck.