Monday, April 21, 2014

My place

I love my place in the spring the best.  When the weather is finally nice enough to open all the windows and feel the fresh are blow through the house.  When I can get outside and sweep up leaves and clean out the waterfall, and see the daffodils poking up, promising blooms to come.  When I am home alone and I can sit on the couch feeling the breeze, listening to the wind.  Listening to the birds singing, the woodpeckers and the sandhill cranes, my wind chimes singing gently in the breeze, and the squirrels complaining.  It brings a deep peace to my heart.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

how do you pick?

How do you decide what to blog on?  There are so many different things happening in my life.  1) dogs and cats 2) teenagers 3) my students 4) going to school 5) endless frustrating physical problems.

This morning I am lying in bed still, after sleeping 11 hours.  Trying to recover from a catamenial migraine (my new word I just learned - it means a menstrual migraine) It has lasted a little longer than expected, that is, it started Monday and this morning is Thursday so it should be gone but it was still there a little this morning.  I am now feeling much more comfortable, which makes it even harder to get out of bed, because what will happen?

Millie is curled up next to me in bed.  She gets that I was not feeling well.  She came in this morning all Milliehyper, and quickly settled down, but still managed to crack me up first - that his her job, making me laugh.  She played ball by herself by bringing it up on my bed, rolling it down my keyboard and then fetching.  She did this a few times before giving me kisses and snuggling up next to me.  She is an awesome dog.

Besides the migraine I am having a great week - I went to payroll and got that straightened out and am finally getting paid on April 1, I signed my fellowship papers and will get paid from that next week too!  Lisa and I realized that both of us thought the other was contacting guest speakers for next week and the week after, when in fact neither one of us was - and miraculously they were both able to still come in!  I felt I should have bought a lottery ticket but decided not to push my luck.

I worked my last day at Express Care on Sunday, so even though I will miss it, I just could not keep up with all of that.  I lost valuable time on the weekends to get work done.  So I am looking forward to this weekend and getting stuff done.  And taxes - I need to do my taxes.  Hoping to get money back this year, since I dropped a bundle on tuition.  I guess we will find out.

So that is a week in my life ....   Looking forward to getting my Amazon order which includes Allie Brosh's book.