Monday, May 9, 2011

Day two: teenagers are grown up until they are sick

Remember how I said I won't blog about my children?  Well, I lied. 

I didn't so much lie as I was mistaken.

What I have been doing for the past two days has been taking care of sick children.  So that's what I have to blog about. 

The night before last my 13 year old daughter was sick - really sick.  I mean, not dying, not that sick.  Just really sick.  She woke me up in the middle of the night and she felt sick.  If you are a mother you know how this feels - they feel HORRIBLE and there is nothing you can really do, so you feel HORRIBLE too.  I let her crawl into bed with me.  Now, seriously, a dad would not do this.  A dad is logical - he thinks "She has the stomach flu, she is really contagious, I do NOT want to get this, she needs to stay a reasonable distance away from me"  A mom does not have this reaction.  Mom's have a by-pass in their brain that avoids all this logic and instantly lets the sick child as near them as possible in order to comfort them.  That's why moms are always sick, too...

So my daughter got into bed with me and kept me awake pretty much all night with throwing up, body aches, severe stomach pains, a brief moment thinking we might be going to the ER, and then finally falling asleep on my side of the bed.  So I stumbled around to the other side and crawled in, so as not disturb her.  She was pretty much sick the rest of the day, off and on.  She is better today and went to school.  Cured :))

My 15 year old daughter and I spent yesterday waiting to be struck by lighting.

That's how the stomach flu is - It's horrible and no one wants to have it, but when someone else in the house has it, you just KNOW you are going to get it.  I got a pineapple for Mother's Day, but I have been putting off cutting it because I'd hate to ruin the experience by throwing it up....

Last night in the middle of the night my 15 year old woke me up.

She's almost totally grown up until she's sick.  She actually did pretty good, she threw up without having to involve me, but the horrible body aches were just too much.  She wanted me to fix her.  Once again I felt HORRIBLE. 

I may not have adequate conveyed this message since I was pretty groggy....

But I did feel horrible, and I convinced her to take some ibuprofen, which she managed to keep down, but the next thing I knew she was lying on the floor next to my bed.  Now I really felt HORRIBLE.  So I moved over and tried to convince her to get up and get into bed.  She said she felt better lying on the floor (next to my bed)  She sounded very sad and pathetic.  But she also sounded very convincing...

And since I was still very groggy, and she is too big for me to pick her up, I let her sleep there.

After a few hours she felt better and she went back to her bed with my iPad (guilt somewhat alleviated) 

So now, one child is HEALED, one is HEALING in bed, and I am waiting to be struck by lightning and trying to decide whether or not to cut my pineapple...

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