Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day One: What the Heck am I blogging about?

So when you start a blog, you are supposed to have a subject right?  Like a clear idea in your head what you want to blog about.

So I was thinking  - what should I blog about?  I am a mom - I could blog about my kids...  that works! Except my kids are teenagers and they will end up hating me, or worse, murdering me in my sleep...

Well, I am a Nurse Practitioner - plenty of funny stories there!  Except there is that little HIPPA thing...  you know, they make you sign it every time you go to the doctor - guess that one is out the window...

I am recently divorced, living on my own for the first time in my life (which is truly a shame, being that I am 46 years old and always believed myself to be a strong independent woman - oh how we deceive ourselves....) I moved out into the country (being a city girl) 2 weeks before one of the longest and harshest winters in a long time up in Northern Wisconsin - it has been an adventure to be sure - blogworthy, no doubt!

I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, vertigo, Raynauds and all the joys and pills that go along with all of that - my life is significantly more interesting and complicated because of that - there's a subject I could blog about.

And I have dogs and cats - 2 each - an adventure in themselves - my older dog is a devilishly clever pointer, an escape artist extraordinaire, and most importantly, the best dog in the world.  The newest addition is a pointer/lab mix and she is a huge ball of exploding energy and all I can say is it's a good thing she is extremely adorable!  Lot's to blog about there. 

Also, I love to knit, and am working on perfecting spinning (maybe a little more when the exploding puppy grows up a little!) and I paint and I am interesting in all sorts of stuff.

So how do I decide?  How can I pick a subject?  Why do I have to pick a subject?  It's just not fair! (I've never been good with rules like this.....)
So... Why am I really doing a blog.....


Well....I have a confession.  The only reason I am doing a blog is to prove to my mother that it's easy and she can do it.
That's right - I am interfering in my mother's life. 
I don't know why - I'm sure she won't listen.  Rule number one in life is daughters never listen to their mothers, at least not until they are at least 25.  Rule number two is once daughters are over 25 and they think they know so much, mothers never listen to their daughters. 
I don't know why - revenge I think.

The reason I think my mother should blog is this: she also has fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Everyone is always telling her to rest and take pain pills to make it better.  This is what I know from the same experience - rest and pain pills are great if you sprain your ankle, but when people tell you to rest and take pain pills for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE - it is not very encouraging.  In fact, it is downright depressing.  Especially when they tell you to rest your hands - that doesn't leave you many options - if you don't use your hands you really can't do much of anything. 

So my advice to my mother from personal experience is: Do SOMETHING.  Anything.  And since she has a computer, and really, a blog is not A LOT...  and she is great woman with a great sense of humour, I thought I would show her how easy it is to do a blog.

So I am doing one.

And I will probably end up being the only one doing a blog, but Oh Well.  And I've decided to write about Whatever since I'm just doing this to show my mom how easy it is. 

So - There.

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